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Airline77 Added to Samson's UHF Wireless Line

Jul 26, 2005

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25 years ago Samson began making wireless systems and components. Adding to that history is the Airline77. It combines a new receiver with Samson's Airline belt-pack free transmitters.

Traditional systems consist of belt-packs and wired transmitters. With Airline, there are no belt-packs and no cables--real wireless, allowing the user complete freedom of movement.

Now Samson has upgraded these systems with a new receiver. The CR77 true-diversity half-rack UHF receiver works with all Airline UHF transmitters. It increases the performance of all Airline systems as well as allows for lower over-all system prices.

The new CR77 receiver features a front panel display with large multi-segment Audio level and RF level LED meters, and a large rotary volume knob allows easy adjustment of audio output. The new synthesized PLL frequency control circuitry keeps the signal locked and true while dual tuned antennas monitor the true-diversity operation. The rear panel features balanced XLR and un-balanced 1/4-inch outputs allowing flexible connection options. Two CR77 receivers can be rack-mounted together in a single-space rack adapter available as an added accessory.

Airline headset transmitters feature the Samson QE Fitness or QV Vocal microphone elements. The QE and QV headset was designed to go around the back head rather then over the top. This allows the transmitter to be attached directly to the headband, out of the way and completely unobtrusive, while being comfortable and secure during performances or exercise routines. AG1 and AF1 Airline Guitar transmitters plug directly into the jack of the guitar with no cables running to a pack. The AG1 is a 90-degree plug suitable for most popular straight angle guitar jacks while the AF1 plugs in at a 45-degree angle for Fender Strat style jacks.

The Airline wind instrument system features an AH1 transmitter mounted to a Samson HM40 condenser element. The system is also available with the popular AMT Roam 1 element used by many of today's top horn players. Both systems allow the performer to mount the element with transmitter to the bell of the instrument with no packs or wires to hinder their performance.

The AL1 presentation transmitter is about the size of a book of matches and has a built-in condenser lavalier microphone element so it can be clipped on and worn without any additional equipment. Included with the ALI is a QL1 lavalier so if you want to hide the transmitter you can plug the QL1 into the mini jack, making the AL1 the world's smallest belt-pack.

All of the Airline transmitters operate on one lightweight AAA battery that offers 14-hours of operation.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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