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Aramid Fiber Drumset Snare Heads from Evans

Jul 22, 2000

Evans Drumheads is introducing Rock AF snare heads, Aramid Fiber heads for drumset playing, at Summer NAMM, Booths 2001 and 2111. Aramid Fiber, the material that's used to make bullet-proof vests and competition yachting sails, can take a beating. Its durability makes it perfect for use in marching snare drumheads, and the Evans MX Aramid Fiber marching snare system has fast become a hot commodity.

Evans Rock AF snare heads are similar to their marching counterparts, but with two significant differences: the Rock AF heads have no internal flap and have a fine, textured surface. This new head is rock-solid in terms of durability, yet remarkably expressive at all dynamic levels including, of course, loud! Unlike traditional Aramid Fiber heads, this head will "give" a little when struck, due in part to the "cross-web/non-woven" lamination technique used. Each Evans Rock AF head is given a light coating to create a warmer sound, a softer feel and a texture that responds to the most sensitive brush stroke. It's true: Evans Rock AF drumhead is sensitive enough for brush use.

"Never before has an Aramid Fiber head performed like the Evans Rock AF," says Evans Brand Manager Michael Robinson. "If you've had problems over-tightening conventional heads for the 'killing rimshot,' this one is for you! You can use it in almost every drumset playing application. You can even play brushes on it!"

For more information, visit their web site at www.evansdrumheads.com.
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