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Band-in-a-Box 10 for Windows Adds 50 New Features

Dec 6, 2000

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PG Music Inc. has released Version 10 of its popular Band-in-a-Box intelligent music software for Windows with over 50 new features including guitar tutoring, chord wizards, ear training, digital audio production, and "Internet friendly" audio and notation file options.

Guitarists will love Band-in-a-Box Version 10. The new Guitar Styles play with realistic, accurate guitar strumming, picking and fingering. There's even a "walking" Basie Big Band jazz guitar style. These are the best sounding guitar styles ever! The Guitar Tutor analyzes any Band-in-a-Box song, accurately displaying real guitar chords on the virtual guitar fretboard in Pop, Jazz, Country, or Folk guitar chording styles. Guitar Chord Soloing features new "shell" voicing and "close" voicing types, and 6-Channel Guitar Files play each string on a separate MIDI channel for precise bends and slides.

More than ever, Band-in-a-Box is an invaluable music resource and utility. Version 10 adds a whole new Ear Training program with both interval and chord recognition exercises. A new Chord Builder feature permits users to select, build and preview any popular chord before adding it to their song. The Chord Substitution Wizard suggests all the possible chord alternatives for any chord progression, plus notes on how the progressions are best used.

Digital audio enhancements provide one-stop song production from concept to finished CD. The new Audio Edit Window uses simple cut and paste commands, the popular DirectX Audio plug-ins are supported, and the automated CD Burner writes finished songs to audio CDs in a CDR or CDRW drive. wave files to Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA) files for great streaming audio quality over the Internet. Notation can now be saved in all popular Internet formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, etc.) using the new option to save as graphics files.

Many of the more than 50 new features in Band-in-a-Box 10 for Windows came from the users' Wish List.

  • Harmony Enhancements - passing harmonies (chromatic, diatonic and dominant 7), "Live Harmonies", harmonize right-hand notes harmonized according to the left-hand chord.
  • Printing Enhancements - Print Preview; Print Chords Only Leadsheet
  • Notation Enhancements - note sounds when dragged; on-screen zoom button for font size; copying and pasting of the melody notation with simple mouse highlighting procedures.
  • StyleMaker Enhancements - for creating new authentic guitar styles; importing of instruments; trimming of patterns.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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