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Band-in-a-Box 9.0 Adds Digital Audio

Dec 18, 1999

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PG Music Inc. has released version 9.0 of its Band-in-a-Box intelligent musicsoftware for Windows, with over 50 new features including a digital audio track for recording live vocal or instrumental parts.

The new digital audio track permits total music production within Band-in-a-Box. Live performances can be recorded with professional MIDI accompaniment in more than 400 available styles, and the entire production can then be rendered to an audio wavefile. The program also includes 20 new high quality audio plugins for a polished finished project. Using any popular Internet compression program, it's possible to take a song from desktop to Internet in Band-in-a-Box 9.0 for Windows.

The musical intelligence of Band-in-a-Box has expanded with a new Guitar Chord Soloing feature. Any single note melody line can now be transformed into a pro guitar solo played with a choice of standard, advanced or embellished chords - all displayed in the correct positions on the onscreen guitar fretboard. As well as the fretboard display, the solo can be followed in either standard notation or with the new guitar tablature feature, and it can be printed out as a perfect chart. making the program easier, more powerful, and more fun than ever. Among the highlights are:

  • Note-Based Lyrics - to automatically align lyrics with Melody notes.
  • Big Lyrics Window - with selectable fonts, sizeable for singalongs or karaoke.
  • Keystroke Note Editing - easy editing of note values (pitch, timing) with hot keys.
  • Big Piano Window - note display for any track with the option to show note names.
  • Style Selection Wizard - presents style suggestions and previews styles.

PG Music Inc. is a leading innovator of computer music software that is easy, powerful and fun. The award winning Band-in-a-Box intelligent music program is the flagship product of the more than 30 PG Music Inc. MIDI music and Multimedia titles available.

Visit PG Music on the web at www.pgmusic.com.
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