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Berkleemusic Adds New Guitar Programs for April 4th Semester

Mar 1, 2005

Berkleemusic is now enrolling four new online guitar courses and five new college credit certificate programs for their spring semester, beginning on April 4th.

Expand your knowledge of the major, minor, Pentatonic, Dorian, Mixolydian and blues scales.in Guitar Scales 101. Gain a foundation in form, control, feel and harmonies in the Blues Workshop, or sharpen your recording skills and add a more personal sound to your playing in Recording and Producing for Guitarists, and the Amps, Effects and Getting Your Guitar Sound courses. New college credit certificate programs include Production and Guitar, Songwriting and Guitar, Recording and Production for Guitar, Recording and Production for Guitar with Pro Tools, and Guitar Skills.

Taught by Berklee's world-renowned guitar faculty, these online guitar courses and programs provide essential knowledge to all serious guitarists interested in advancing their recording skills and adding expression, depth, and feeling to their playing. Enroll before March 15th to lock in current tuition rates. Space is limited and financial aid is available.

For more information, visit their web site at www.berkleemusic.com.
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