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Beyerdynamic Introduces IMS 900 In-Ear-System

Aug 13, 2007

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Beyerdynamic has recently added the IMS 900 in-ear-system to its line of high-quality and durable products for professional touring, broadcast and permanent installation.

In multichannel applications where time is a critical element, the IMS 900's 16 pre-programmed UHF frequencies offer an easy setup and quick sound check. The IMS system is made up of two components, the SE 900 stereo transmitter and the TE 900 stereo pocket receiver.

The SE 900 transmitter can accommodate up to eight channels per frequency range without interference. It is housed in a 9.5" metal case with a clear LC-display indicating group/channel and includes LED's for audio levels, combo inputs and headphone output with volume control. As an added safeguard against faulty operation, the system comes equipped with a lock function.

Users are offered a truly customizable monitor mix and pristine audio quality with the TE 900 receiver. The pocket receiver is equipped with a mono/stereo switch, volume and balance control, allowing for instantaneous alterations to the mix as well as two RF signal antennas to prevent signal drop outs. For added sound protection, the TE 900 comes equipped with a switchable limiter that protects against loud noise bursts, which can affect hearing. Earphones are included with all transmitters.

For more information, visit their web site at www.beyerdynamic.com.
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