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C Class Processors Focus on the Digital Studio

Jan 24, 2002

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C Class is audio gear designed to work seamlessly with your digital setup--but it works outside your computer. Each C Class component is optimized for today's digital studio. When combined, C Class components become an integrated suite of studio tools and effects.

The "C" stands for compact. C Class products bring the feel of analog equipment back to what has become a digital world. C Class System integration features include ins and outs that are optimized for each other, new interlocking C Class bumper-legs and cohesive industrial design.

C-valve is a Tube Mic/Instrument Pre-amp that will give you pure signal and silky sound up-front, where it counts. It features variable gain and variable tube process saturation for adding harmonics that give warmth to vocals and instruments. Regardless of which mic you use, it will maintain detail and transparency. 48-Volt phantom power, phase and peak limiter round out the control set. A large analog VU output meter and a 6-segment LED input meter makes it easy to adjust the gain. Use its insert points along with a C Class compressor for a direct path to a gorgeous front end sound. The C-valve provides a digital output as well.

The C-com 16 Stereo Compressor/Limiter with its 16 presets gives you the fastest way to achieve useable dynamic control and the cleanest path for your audio. There are fifteen presets for the most standard situations and a manual mode for more critical adjustments when required. The C-com 16's controls include variable threshold, ratio, attack, decay, release and output level. An enhancer provides the added character that is lost on heavy compression. Key output/input for outboard triggering or external filtering of the key signal. A 6-segment LED gain reduction meter and a 6-segment LED input/output meter provides visual monitoring of the circuit's affect. The C-com opti Optical Compressor: Optical compressors are sought after for the distinctive musicality they give to vocals, guitars and other instruments. It's a perfect complement to the computer's hygienically clean makeup. The C-com opti's adjustable threshold, ratio, attack, release and output controls are calibrated to generate a distinctive soft, rich character while providing magnificent control over dynamics. An enhancer provides the added character that is lost on heavy compression. Key output/input for outboard triggering or external filtering of the key signal. Large analog VU meter for output level or gain reduction.

The C-control is a Control Room Matrix Selector and a unique solution for studios with multiple monitors, headphone mixes and tape or digital sources. Provides easy, heretofore impossible to achieve, instant monitor mixes or dubs. Select from three pairs of speakers with dim and mute. Use the Talkback mic to give instructions to the musicians in the headphone mix. And push-to-talk for slates to tape or disk. A Headphone Amp with level control for private listening. The C-control provides three sets of stereo ins and outs with dubbing capability to three discrete outputs. Further enhancing your control in the studio is the C-que 8 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier with eight outputs. Independent volume on each channel makes this a truly versatile headphone amplifier. A 6-segment LED indictor shows the output for each channel. There's a Main volume for overall level adjustment. An effective EQ shape circuit offers tone control of each channel and listeners can manage their own personalized mixes. Link outputs allow more than one C-que 8 to be used when needed.

Each C Class processor has a MRSP of $159.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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