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C.F. Martin & Co Introduces Additions To Martin String Family

Jan 22, 2008

The C.F. Martin & Co. has announced the next generation of acoustic strings designed for today's player and built on 175 years of acoustic excellence. New additions to the Martin family of strings include the new FX Flexible Core strings, a new high tuning Nashville style set, and Martin Light/Mediums. In addition Martin is now making select strings available in a convenient 3-set pack. For a limited time, Martin is also offering a 3-set combination sampler pack to provide an opportunity for acoustic guitar players to sample various products.

The new FX Flexible Core acoustic sets utilize a thinner core wire to increase the flexibility of the string without sacrificing top tension, tone or volume maintaining superior consistency and durability in performance from string to string and set to set. Flexible and responsive, the high quality pure steel hex-core wire is zinc flashed to give the FX sets increased strength that allows you to stay in tune and play longer while the thinner core wire reduces finger fatigue and aids in quicker transitions from string to string.

Users of the FX sets have noted increased sustain, brilliant attack, improved fundamental tone and slightly less overtone providing a great string for studio recording and fingerstyle performance. Although originally designed with the finger-style player in mind, the FX sets are great for beginners or electric guitar players transitioning to acoustic guitar. The FX sets are available in Phosphor Bronze and Bronze with available gauges including Custom Light (11's), Light (12's), Light/Medium (12.5's), and Medium (13's). A custom gauge 12 string set is also available in Phosphor Bronze.

C.F. Martin & Co. has also introduced the SP High Tuning Nashville Style set accommodating "Nashville Style" tuning as well as Terz tuning and other high tuning set-ups. Historically, players built their own high tuning string sets from 12-string sets. Martin's new SP High Tuning Nashville Style set allows you to easily experiment and create your own high tuning sound. To achieve the sound popularized in Nashville recording studios, tune the 4 bass side strings up one octave using the Martin SP High Tuning set. The sound is great as an accompanying instrument and fills out the sound in a studio recording or stage performance.

C. F. Martin & Co. recognizes that some acoustic guitar players are looking for the volume and drive of a medium gauge string set and the playability of a light gauge string set. Martin Strings introduces the Martin Light/Medium gauge string set to meet both requirements. The sets are available in 92/8 phosphor bronze and 80/20 bronze producing outstanding value for everyday play without sacrificing performance, tone or volume.

In an effort to add convenience and value to acoustic guitar players, Martin is introducing a 3-set pack in several of their popular string sets. Martin's best selling bronze sets, M140, M150, and M170, Martin's Marquis M2100, and Martin's SP4100 are now available with 3 sets in a single box.

In addition, C.F. Martin & Co. has introduced the convenient Martin String 3-Set Combination Sampler Packs to encourage acoustic guitar players to experiment with different materials and products to help define their personal sound. The "sampler" pack includes Martin SP bronze strings in Light gauge, Martin SP phosphor bronze in Light gauge, and Martin's famed silk wrapped Martin Marquis which are designed for the protection and preservation of fine instruments. Included in the string sets are educational information explaining the material selection of the strings.

For more information, visit their web site at www.martinguitar.com.
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