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CAD Equitek E-350 Microphone

Sep 26, 1998

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The Equitek E-350, a high performance studio recording and live reproduction microphone, features a proprietary 1.10" Optema SeriesTM capsule and an extended low end frequency response. The microphone's extraordinary detail, transparency and flexibility is a direct result of CAD's unique servo design and capsule choice. "The E-350 provides astounding detail, producing a greatly enhanced aural image of the sound source," said Bruce Forbes, Vice President, Product and Market Development. "Its enhanced features and great design technology has created an industry benchmark for microphone cost and performance. Features of the new CAD Equitek E-350 include:
  • Extended low end frequency response 10 - 20kHz
  • High SPL capability
  • Remarkable transparency
  • Hi-pass filter (80Hz roll off)
  • 20dB non-capacitive pad
  • NiMH supported power supply
  • Remote operation without phantom power

The CAD Equitek E-350 also includes a ZM-1G shockmount at no additional cost.

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