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CAD Introduces Drum Mic Touring Pack

Jun 28, 2005

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CAD is introducing another in a line of mic packs for studio and stage, the new 4-piece Drum Mic Touring Pack. This bundle consists of consists of a KM212 Dynamic Kick Drum mic, two TM211 Dynamic Tom Mics and one SN210 Snare Drum mic.

New from CAD, the KM212 is a high performance dynamic percussion mic designed for kick drums, bass guitar cabinets and other low frequency applications. The capsule design specializes in capturing high SPL sources with frequencies that extend below 100Hz.

The KM212 incorporates a large diaphragm and low sensitivity to compensate for high sound pressure levels. It features exceptional transient response and a wide frequency response for exceptional bass detail and clarity. The TM211 is also a dynamic percussion mic, designed for toms, bongos and other percussion instruments. It features tight Cardioid pattern with a wide frequency response, making the TM211 ideal for different percussion applications. Its patented drum clip is designed for easy set up and is angle-adjustable.

The SN210 is dedicated to capturing all of the nuances and subtleties of snare drums, and can also be used for miking toms and bongo drums. Its Supercardioid pattern and wide frequency response make it ideal for percussion applications and its patented angle-adjustable drum clip is designed for easy set up.

For more information, visit their web site at www.cadmics.com.
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