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Changuito Biography

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Changuito (José Luis Quintana) (January 18, 1948) is a Cuban percussionist. When he was eight years old, he became a professional musician with the band 'Havana Jazz', directed Tomas Gonzalez. He played with his father who was also a musician, and later with the young band 'la Pandilla de los Cabezas de Perros'. At the age of eleven, he met the group 'Cuba Mambo', directed by Rolando Garcia. This band played in Guanabacoa, close to Havana, where Changuito now lives.

In 1970 he joined Los Van Van. They created the songo where a combination of percussion instruments (timbales, cowbells, woodblocks, electronic drums and cymbals) and hand techniques are characteristic.

Changuito taught many famous percussionists like Giovanni Hidalgo and Karl Perazzo (of the band Santana).
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