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Christmas Time Is Here (for Riley)

by Robert Strait
This is an absolutely gorgeous tune, which was actually very difficult to arrange for guitar due to the many complex chord structures which were originally conceived by a pianist. I have written in the chord symbols with the closest matches the groove builder could provide.

One thing to note: in order to play this arrangement, you may find that using your fretting hand thumb is a more comfortable or natural option. This is a perfectly acceptable means for fretting the chords, and if you choose to do so, many of the chords will require wrapping the thumb over the neck to fret the bass note. Here are the chord shapes which you will encounter over the course of this arrangement, with their correct chord names given:

cho|0|x|14|13|12|11|Emaj7|cho cho|10|x|10|9|9|x|D9b5(no 3rd)|cho cho|6|x|6|6|5|4|Bbmin7b5|cho cho|5|x|5|5|5|3|Amin7|cho cho|4|x|4|4|4|2|Abmin7|cho cho|3|x|3|3|3|1|Gmin7|cho cho|2|x|2|2|2|0|F#min7|cho |cr| cho|x|2|2|2|2|0|F#min7/B|cho cho|x|2|2|2|1|0|F#min7b5/B|cho cho|0|2|1|1|0|2|Emaj7/9|cho cho|8|7|7|7|8|7|Cmaj7(9,13)|cho cho|x|8|7|8|8|7|F9#11|cho cho|x|11|9|11|12|x|Abmin7|cho cho|x|11|9|11|9|x|Abmin7|cho cho|10|x|10|11|12|x|D13|cho |cr| cho|9|8|x|8|9|7|C#9|cho cho|9|x|9|8|9|x|C#9(no 3rd)|cho cho|9|x|9|7|9|x|C#7b9(no 3rd)|chocho|x|9|7|9|10|x|F#min7|cho cho|x|9|7|9|7|x|F#min7|cho cho|8|7|8|7|9|x|C#9(b13)|cho cho|7|x|7|8|9|x|B13|cho cho|8|x|7|8|9|x|B13b9/C|cho|cr|

This lesson is dedicated to John Riley, whose wonderful harmonic sense, and love of the lydian dominant scale has been inspirational. Thanks, John!

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