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Coda Releases PrintMusic! 2000 for MacOS and Windows

Dec 14, 1999

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Introduced less than a year ago on the Windows platform, PrintMusic! hasachieved great success with first-time music notation buyers. Now Coda Music Technology is not only making this exciting music software available for Macintosh and Windows on the same CD-ROM, it has also been upgraded to be compatible with the latest version of its parent: Finale 2000. At a suggested retail price of $69.95, it packs quite a bit of power and features for the money.

Early purchasers have found PrintMusic! can grow with their interest and skill level. And, as part of the Finale notation family, everything the user learns and creates with PrintMusic! can be shared with Finale Allegro and ultimately Finale—without conversion. This is particularly useful for students who want to work on composition projects at home for use in Finale music labs at school. features:
  • New Set-up Wizard lets the user select instruments, then sets up the score perfectly on any page size specified—staff names, transpositions, groupings and clefs are all automatic!
  • Expanded Playback allows users to see and hear their compositions the way they want it.
  • Automatic Part Extraction creates separate files of each instrument in the score that can be formatted any way the user wishes.
  • Automatic Music Spacing provides an engraved professional look.
  • Invisible Score Resizing automatically fits a new score layout or imported MIDI file perfectly onto any page size chosen.
  • New Maestro Font more accurately reflects actual engraved music with bolder noteheads, elegant clefs and classical articulations.
  • FREE Jazz Font ($50 value) with product registration or upgrade purchase.
  • While it is easy to create music "from scratch", PrintMusic! also comes loaded with over 100 free music pieces to arrange and print as a quick way to get started.

Product Registration and Upgrade Purchase Now Available Online

To make upgrading as simple as possible, Coda has set up an online registration and shopping location: www.codamusic.com/shopnow.

For more information on the complete Finale line of notation products, visit Coda's web site at www.codamusic.com.
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