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Crown and JBL Introduce the DBC Network Bridge

Oct 29, 2004

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What was once shown as a prototype earlier this year at ShoWest is now a reality as Crown International and JBL Professional introduce the heart of the Digital B-Chain system, the DBC Network Bridge. The Crown DBC Bridge allows you to distribute multiple channels of uncompressed digital audio over standard fast Ethernet hardware for use in traditional 35mm, digital cinema, and e-cinema applications.

"Digital B-Chain is unique in that it enables cinemas to cost-effectively upgrade to digital cinema-readiness -- without the massive cost layout of converting to Digital Cinema -- and yet it immediately delivers quantifiable improvements in sound system performance, efficiency and reliability," said Stephen Morris, Director of Marketing for Cinema and Touring with Crown International. Morris adds, "In addition, Digital B-Chain sound systems are eminently versatile, enabling cinema managers to easily re-purpose theaters for alternative applications such as pay-per-view sports and entertainment events, multi-site corporate meetings and even live performances." The DBC Bridge accepts standard analog and/or AES digital audio and CobraNet digital channels from other Cinema processors (Dolby, DTS), Cinema Servers, or Alternative Content Media Players; and bridges them to a Crown DBC network for distribution to the Crown amplifiers. The DBC Bridge also provides the necessary system equalization, which is stored and recalled via presets for use in both feature film and alternative content programming.

For more information, visit their web site at www.crownaudio.com.
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