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DB-90 Dr. Beat Introduced at Winter NAMM

Jan 20, 2005

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More than a metronome, BOSS's new Dr. Beat metronome is jam-packed with sounds and PCM drum patterns to make practice sessions less mundane and more musical.

The Note Mixing function lets you customize beats by adjusting the levels of five different note values. The front-panel sliders, buttons, and a large rotary dial provide instant, hands-on access to the parameters. Four click sounds are built in, including a human voice-counting sound so you never lose track of where you are in the measure. The Rhythm Coach is a follow-along feature with four training modes to help build accuracy, speed, and endurance. Thanks to the DB-90's onboard microphone, acoustic drums can be integrated into the lessons; a Roland V-Pad can be connected as well. Guitarists and bassists can plug directly into the DB-90 and monitor their playing via connected headphones. For those who wish to sync to an external sequencer for more elaborate accompaniment, they can do so with the DB-90's MIDI input.

For more information, visit their web site at www.bossus.com.
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