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EH Brings Back the 16 Second Digital Delay

Jul 23, 2004

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A classic Electro-Harmonix pedal has returned after numerous requests: the 16 Second Digital Delay. This is not merely a reissue, but a much improved version of the original - so much so that it should actually have a different name. The new 16 Second Digital Delay can actually handle up to four minutes of audio at 15kHz, whereas the original was limited to 16 seconds (and at a lower sampling rate). Audio is recorded at 16-bit resolution, opposed to 12-bit, and while the original 16 Second Delay was only capable of syncing to the DRM-15 rhythm machine, the reissue can sync up with any MIDI-compatible drum machine. And in addition to the double and half speed playback options of the original, the new 16 Second Digital Delay offers half-tone increments for finer control, and the memory is retained when power is unplugged.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ehx.com.
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