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Electro-Harmonix Finds Holier Grail

Jul 19, 2002

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Building on the success of the Holy Grail--the best selling effect from Electro-Harmonix in 20 years--the Holier Grail is a digital reverb designed for both traditional instrumentalists and inventive home studio musicians. If you're wondering what makes it more holy, it adds a heavenly new ROOM reverb to the three sounds already found in the Holy Grail----"real" SPRING, spacious HALL and enigmatic FLERB. It also adds a switch to select SHORT or LONG reverb decay on each of the four sounds.

Best of all, the HOLIER GRAIL allows for even more sonic enlightenment with its two-way "Golden Gate" function. With the GATE you can cut the reverb tails short on a snare drum hit, or quickly chop up your tracks during a remix. With the REVERSE GATE you can produce realistic backwards effects. As you fade in your instrument, for example, the gate will close when you reach the peak volume, stopping your instrument's sound very abruptly. Made in New York City and packaged in a distinctive pine box, the suggested retail price of $298 makes the Holier Grail a must-have unit for any creative musician.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ehx.com.
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