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Electro-Harmonix Releases ENIGMA: Q-Balls for Bass

Jul 13, 2009

Click image for closeup

Electro-Harmonix announces the ENIGMA: Q-balls, our first analog filter designed specifically for bass. Envelope filters are among the most exciting tools that a creative musician can own, and Electro-Harmonix has been at the forefront of analog, envelope filter design since the 1970s. We have used our experience to design the ENIGMA, a defining instrument for bass players who are looking for tight performance and articulate sweeps. The Enigma has a frequency range of 40 Hz to 3 kHz, which is the perfect bass range to deliver filter sweeps that remain tight and defined even in the lowest harmonic ranges. The selectable multi-mode filters (LP, BP, HP) deliver a frequency articulation in any harmonic range. The analog bass distortion is unique to the Enigma with the perfect range for an ambient to aggressive bottom edge. Use an external expression pedal to capture a harmonic picture or sweep the envelope for a user controlled, uniquely different, wah-like signature. Professional bass players will find the ENIGMA to be the bottom line in envelope-filter design. Features:
  • 40Hz to 3kHz frequency response tailored for guitar
  • Expression pedal control
  • Switch-selectable analog distortion designed for bass
  • Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass filter select
  • Dry and effect outputs
  • Start and Stop for filter sweep and Q control
  • Dry output and separate effect output
For a video of the ENIGMA: Q-balls in action by Jack Conte, click here: http://www.ehx.com/products/enigma
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