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Ernie Ball Introduces New Inked Series Tattoo-Themed Straps

Aug 1, 2006

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Ernie Ball's newest accessory merges music with one of pop culture's most expressive and timeless art forms: the tattoo. Announcing the Ernie Ball Inked Strap Series - a distinctive new line of guitar straps boasting bold, tattoo-inked designs and high quality craftsmanship.

Featuring seven distinctive styles - each made of bonded leather and finished with a clear varnish to protect and preserve the inked artwork - the Ernie Ball Inked Strap Series includes:

  • Serpent Dagger - Sailor-inspired graphics featuring detailed daggers and slithering reptiles undulating over and under, up and around combine to create a never-ending riff
  • Evil Forces - Nothing will evoke malevolent musical motifs more than the horrific "Dawn of the Dead" visages of skinless heads and mummified skulls that rattle across this strap
  • Skull Flames - The mood gets hot and the licks even hotter as flames flare up and engulf the skulls and Iron Crosses that inch along this strap
  • Sin City - Follow the dice and playing cards to the sounds of desolation, loneliness and heartache - down-on-your-luck strains that tear at your soul
  • Ernie's Eagle - Whether called the Stars and Stripes or Old Glory, the flags parading up and down this strap pump up the patriotism
  • Pirate - The buccaneers and anchors that rove to and fro on this strap are sure to inspire clever chords and a scorching selection of freebooting refrains
  • Graveyard - Foreboding old houses, eerie full moons and bands of bats make this strap a sinister complement to your own haunting rhythms

For more information, visit their web site at www.ernieball.com.
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