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Ernie Ball Music Man Introduces John Petrucci Signature Guitar

Jan 19, 2001

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Ernie Ball is proud to add the John Petrucci Signature Guitar to its line up of Music Man Guitars, to be introduced in January at the NAMM 2001 music show, and available to order.

"Our collaboration with John has produced a very unique guitar with great style and many practical features for today's guitarists," said Dudley Gimpel, head of research and development for Ernie Ball. He explained that the guitar is extremely versatile for any playing style, especially with the addition of a piezo bridge available on particular models, as a wide variety of tones can be achieved with different magnetic and piezo combinations.

Made to each order's specification, the Petrucci Signature Guitar will come in four models: 6 string standard, 6 string with piezo bridge, 7 string standard, and 7 string with piezo bridge. With the piezo option, the guitar can be operated in mono and stereo mode.

Each model will feature a basswood body, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and a matching painted headstock. The fretboard will feature custom inlays, with a "JP" inside a shield just above the first fret. All Petrucci Signature Guitars will have newly designed Music Man bridges and saddles, and will come with a tremolo. "cradle" in the upper body. "John is very excited about this feature-- it provides players with a new level of comfort and stability for the picking arm. The bridge is also newly designed with a special cover plate that makes for comfortable hand positioning," explained Gimpel.

Guitar players can choose from a variety of standard Music Man colors, however the new Pearl Redburst and Petrucci's signature color are only available on the Petrucci guitar. The signature color refracts light, creating a prism effect that changes color when viewed from different angles.

Retail prices are as follows: 6 string standard - $1,995; 7 string option - $200; Piezo option - $350; Signature Color - $400 (no additional charge for matching headstock or stock colors).

For more information, visit their web site at www.ernieball.com.
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