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Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils Albert Lee & Petrucci Baritone Reserve Models

Feb 29, 2008

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Expanding its legendary craftsmanship and American heritage, Ernie Ball Music Man proudly announces the arrival of two new Ball Family Reserve instruments — the Albert Lee BFR and the John Petrucci Baritone BFR — as well as a trio of new color options for all Ball Family Reserve instruments. Originally enjoyed only by family and revered artist friends, Music Man's exceptional Ball Family Reserve instruments celebrate the company's most exceptional American artistry.

Albert Lee BFR
Featuring all the standard features of Music Man's classic Albert Lee Signature guitar, the Albert Lee BFR takes the company's unrivaled styling, aesthetics and craftsmanship to a level beyond compare. Weighing only 6 pounds 11 ounces, the guitar boasts a Southern Ash body with a book-matched maple top, a mahogany Tone Block and a sleek maple neck. This specially crafted guitar is solely offered in Pink Burst — Albert's favorite color scheme — that Music Man has brought out of retirement exclusively for this occasion. The Albert Lee BFR uses Custom RPS Slinkys, gauges10p-13p-16p-26w-36w-46w. MSRP starts at: $3500.00

John Petrucci Baritone BFR
Toeing the line between a guitar and a bass, the John Petrucci Baritone BFR boldly offers all the attributes of the John Petrucci BFR, plus a few extras. Music Man's first 27.5-inch scale instrument, the John Petrucci Baritone BFR touts an alder body with a book-matched maple top, a mahogany Tone Block, a flatter mahogany/rosewood fretboard neck with a 15-inch radius and 24 frets. This special instrument is equipped with one DiMarzio Custom Humbucker Pickup in the neck and one DiMarzio D-Sonic Humbucker Pickup in the bridge. The John Petrucci Baritone BFR uses Custom RPS Slinkys, gauges 12p-16p-22p-34w-46w-62w tuned B-flat to B-flat, and is offered in an exciting range of Music Man colors. MSRP: $4199.00

New BFR Colors
Music Man is also proud to introduce not one but three unique colors for the Ball Family Reserve series of instruments, each of which features the company's dazzling "burst" configuration. Available for all BFR guitars with the exception of specially schemed signature instruments, the new colors include:
  • Tobacco Burst — an authentic sunburst of dark brown-to-yellow tones
  • Emerald Burst — a deep green blending with lighter green accents
  • Amethyst Burst — a rich purple with dynamic violet highlights

For more information, visit their web site at www.ernieball.com.
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