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Evans Expands EC Line With EC Snare And EC2 Coated Series

Jul 16, 2006

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The Evans EC series is Evans' most popular new technology. Denoting "edge control," EC heads incorporate a proprietary design on the underside circumference that tweaks desired overtones and eliminates unwanted ones. Not merely a blanket pre-muffling system, the EC-treated head is fine-tuned to retain a focused fundamental while retaining contemporary ambience, sustain, and sensitivity.

In that light, Evans is proud to introduce the EC Snare series, available in diameters from 10" through 14" and with or without a unique "reverse dot" made with the same 3mil material as the ring. Each head consists of a 7mil top ply and 10mil bottom ply for maximum durability (especially the reverse dot version which totals 20mils thick at its center), each with the sophisticated edge control system that banishes unwanted overtones. A translucent frosted coating lends a unique, attractive look. Despite the head's relative thickness, it has a forgiving feel; ghost notes project tremendously well; rim shots offer a "tweaked" palette of rich overtones; and center-of-the-head strokes yield fat, focused tones. The stress-relieved reverse dot patch has the unique effect of eliminating some mid-range frequencies, yielding a desirable crack at all tuning ranges.

"At its heart," says Evans Product Manager Michael Robinson, "the EC head is not damped. It's treated around the edges to tweak the overtones and response. For snare drums it's particularly effective and yields a pre-EQ'd sound that will please both player and sound engineer."

Also new to the EC2 line of tom heads is a coated version. For each tom diameter, from 6" through 18", we've introduced an EC2 head with a fine, translucent frosted coating. The result is a warm tone and additional focus.

Adds Mike Robinson, "The EC concept is really a contemporary alternative. It's not a haphazard muffling system but a true, targeted tone enhancement. Its twin-ply with 7mil layers makes it the same as our clear EC2 head, but the translucent coating answers a call from drummers for a coated EC2, makes an amazing tonal difference, and simply looks great."

Evans' EC Snare heads retail for between $30.00 and $36.00 (depending on size). Evans' EC2 coated tom heads retail for between $27.00 and $45.00 (depending on size). They will both ship starting August 1.

For more information, visit their web site at www.evansdrumheads.com.
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