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Four New Band-in-a-Box Style Sets from PG Music

Dec 6, 2003

PG Music has created four new Styles Sets for its Band-in-a-Box music accompaniment program. These new sets add over eighty new styles to the more than 800 styles currently available. Included with this release are Styles Set 37: World Styles 2; Styles Set 38: About Time; Styles Set 39: Requested 2; and Styles Set 40: Rhythm & Blues.

These new Styles Sets employ the most current features of the Band-in-a-Box StyleMaker including intelligent guitar voicings and General MIDI (GM) and General MIDI 2 (GM2) sound sets making them among the most realistic sounding styles to date. Minimum requirements to take full advantage of these new styles sets is Band-in-a-Box version 11 or higher for Windows or Macintosh.

Styles Set 37: "World Styles 2" features 20 new styles inspired by music from around the globe including a 12/8 African style with acoustic guitar as well as bass, harpsichord, shamisen, sitar and percussion; a 2-beat Greek Bouzouki style with piano, bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitar; a medium Swing Cajun shuffle where the accordion plays "answer-type" fills; a Middle Eastern 6/8 style; a medium Celtic Swing 2-beat bounce featuring finger picking banjo and percussion rather than typical drum trap set; an even 16ths Egyptian Pop style where the percussion features tabla-like percussion with low surdo on beats 1 & 3; an even 16ths Mid-Eastern style with clean electric guitar, electric piano, bass, drums and acoustic guitar; a fast 3/4 European Ballroom style where drums feature quiet brushes and bass durations are fairly short; a 2-beat Swing Dance style where a cut-time tempo of 130 is like a regular 4/4 tempo of 260; a Turkish (or Mid-Eastern) 9/8 style with 2 distinct feels; Eastern European 10/8 meter style featuring quasi-tabla, tambourine and open surdo for percussion; and many more.

Styles Set 38: "About Time" features 20 new "odd-meter" styles for Band-in-a-Box. This styles set includes styles with time signatures such as 5/4, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 13/8, 14/8, 19/16, including styles such as a 24/16 Vishnu - Jazz/Rock (Fusion) style with electric piano, synth bass, Jazz guitar, and drums; an even 5/4 meter style with 5 quarter-notes per measure; an 11/8 even 8ths style with electric piano, synth bass, acoustic guitar, drums and organ; a 13/8 meter Pop style with 13 even 8th notes per bar, a 5/4 meter with Swing based 8th notes; a Country/Pop style in 7/8 meter style where the 8th notes have a Swing feel; a Jazz style in 9/8 meter with a rhythmic pulse of 4 beats per bar in groups of 2+2+2+3; a 9/8 Rock style with electric piano, bass, drums, harp and pad and many more. To practice counting these "odd-meter" styles users can open the Big Lyrics Window and follow the onscreen counting. Styles Set 39: "Request 2" features 20 new styles covering a mixture of genres. Most of these styles are inspired by user requests in the PG Music Inc. Styles Wishlist Forum. Included are some slow, mellow piano ballad styles; a new Jazz Bossa Nova style; 4/4 Jazz Ballad trio accompaniments with piano, bass and brushes; a Rock/Jazz Fusion style with rhodes, bass, drums and muted guitar; a bright Jazz Waltz style with left-hand piano comping, brushes and acoustic bass; a modern post-bop style of Jazz in 4/4 time; an even 8ths Latin Bolero with percussion, acoustic guitar, fretless bass and strings; a Latin Dance style Merengue with piano, bass, drums (percussion), acoustic guitar and strings; 60s California beach Rock styles; a raw 60s Rock & Roll style; a Mexican fast Swing/Shuffle/Pop style with acoustic guitar electric guitar, vibes, bass and drums; a 12-String Guitar style with 16thnote Arpeggios; and many more.

Styles Set 40: "Rhythm & Blues" features 22 new "Rhythm & Blues" styles for Band-in-a-Box. These styles feature punchy bass lines, drums, live MIDI guitar patterns, in-the-pocket keyboards and funky horns. Covering all the well known R&B and Soul grooves, Styles Set 40: Rhythm & Blues includes: a medium slow R&B groove with rhodes electric piano, finger bass, drums, organ and electric guitar; a funky R&B groove with rhodes electric piano, finger bass, drums, brass and electric guitar; a medium R&B shuffle with piano, finger bass, drums, brass and electric guitar; a 3/4 Gospel R&B groove with piano, finger bass, drums, strings and electric guitar; bluesy R&B grooves; classic bluesy R&B grooves; and many more.

For $29 per set, customers can download the new styles sets immediately from www.pgmusic.com or order via mail, phone, fax or e-mail directly from PG Music Inc. MIDI file samples of the styles can be downloaded as well.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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