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Free Band-in-a-Box Player From PG Music Inc.

Aug 27, 2000

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The new Band-in-a-Box Player, free from PG Music Inc., lets anyone with a sound capable Windows computer share in the fun of making music with the award winning Band-in-a-Box.

Based on Band-in-a-Box for Windows, the Band-in-a-Box Player will play songs created in any version of the program, Windows or Macintosh, through the computer's existing multimedia setup. Songs are played complete with their existing Melodies, Solos, and Harmonies. The new Player also has many of the most popular features found in the full Band-in-a-Box program, like the Guitar Window, Big Piano Window, and Big Lyrics "Karaoke" Window. More than 100 demo songs are included. As well as playing Band-in-a-Box songs, the Player will create new arrangements for practice, play-along, and song demos. The user can enter any set of chord changes using standard chord symbols, and then choose from more than 60 styles to make instant professional accompaniments with Band-in-a-Box. The free Player version will play songs and create arrangements, but it does not save song files.

The Player is available as a free internet download from www.pgmusic.com.
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