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Fruityloops 3.3 Adds ASIO and BUZZ Support

Oct 24, 2001

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Image-Line has announced version 3.3 of Fruityloops, a major update. Started as a drum loop creator, it is evolving into a virtual studio.

FruityLoops offers a full-featured sequencer for creating wav, mp3 or midi/drum loops with internal mixing and advanced MIDI support. Fruityloops can play sample files (wav), generators (Fruityloops soft-synths) or VST/DXi instruments.

  • ASIO support (full version only) To reduce latency, support for ASIO drivers is a must.
  • BUZZ Machine & BUZZ Effects support (full version only). Fruityloops v3.3 now plays BUZZ Machines and can use BUZZ Effects. This new features has been developed in close collaboration with Oskari Tammelin, the creator of BUZZ. This feature will expand Fruityloops with over 90 new machines/synthesizers and over 100 effects.
  • New Fruity Plugins
    • Parametric Equalizer - A 7-band Parametric Equalizer which allows you to fine tune your sound.
    • Delay 2 Fruity Plugin - The Delay 2 plugin is an enhanced version of the fruity delay.
    • Stereo Enhancer Plugin - Fruity Stereo Enhancer will expand/contract the stereo image & stereo phase delay.
    • Granulizer Fruity Plugin - The Granulizer generator can slice sample in 'grains'. This allows you to do pitch shifts and perform weird things on all kinds of samples.
    • Spectroman - Gives you a full spectrum analysis of the channel you apply it on.
  • Internal Controller Plugins - To better control Fruityloops, Image-Line has introduced the concept of internal controllers. These controllers can control any wheel or slider. Among these internal controllers are:
    • Peak controller Fruity Plugin - Allows you to control one knob by the peak information of any sampler channel.
    • X-Y controller Fruity Plugin - Allows to control automation of any two knobs by using this plugin.
  • New Enhanced BeatSlicer - BeatSlicer is a FruityLoops add-on that gives you the power to easily 'slice' a rendered wav file into it's specific parts.
  • Portamento available on all channels.
  • Velocity & Keyboard tracking to all channels.
  • Multichannel MIDI file import.
  • Multiple MIDI devices can now be controlled at once.

This update is available for free to all existing customers of the FruityLoops on-line version. People owning the Fruityloops BOX version (distributed by Cakewalk) can order the Life Time Free Updates for $29 to access this and all future updates.

For more information, visit their web site at www.fruityloops.com.
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