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Get in the Groove

Jul 26, 2000

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Scratch mixing has become the defining sound of hot deejays from London to Los Angeles. Now Warner Bros. Publications offers valuable and instructive insights into this cutting-edge music with a new video, The DJ's Guide to Scratching. Featuring the inimitable DJ mixmaster P-Love, the video offers step-by-step instructions to becoming a turntable wizard.

"In the hands of a gifted DJ like P-Love, turntables and records have become a new kind of musical instrument," said Tim Landers, Warner Bros. Publications Executive Director of Video. "This video captures the artistry as well as the technique that's involved in scratch mixing."

Part of Warner Bros. Publications' Ultimate Beginner Series(r), the video also offers detailed nuts-and-bolts advice on topics like setting up turntables and mixers, using cross faders, and adjusting needles. As an instructor, P-Love takes a friendly, patient, and down-to-earth approach to explaining the ins and outs of scratch mixing.

After dazzling video watchers with his inspired and soulful mix of sounds, P-Love gets down to basics. Among the issues he addresses are: "How to keep records from slipping," and "The importance of choosing a flat surface for your turntable." P-Love walks viewers through some of the most popular classic scratch and dance mix moves in a style that's inspiring and easy-to-follow.

Topics covered in this artistically produced video range from the elementary to the esoteric. This diversity, along with P-Love's obvious charisma as a DJ artist, make this video a valuable tool for everyone from the rank beginner to the seasoned DJ who is looking for some extra inspiration.

The DJ's Guide to Scratching retails for $14.95. For more information, contact Warner Bros. Publications at 800-327-7643.

For more information, visit their web site at www.warnerbrospublications.com.
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