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Gift List for Drummers

by Justin Reamer
Take your drumming to the next level with these instruments and accessories:
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Drum Sets and Snare Drums

TKO 3-piece Junior Drum Set with Throne TKO 3-piece Junior Drum Set with Throne - $129.99
This children's set is made by TKO, one of the best names in student and intermediate drum sets! It features 10" snare with stand, 10" Tom and 16" Bass drum, as well as a 10" mounted cymbal and throne. This is a great set to learn on!
Item Options
  • Black - $129.99
  • Wine Red - $129.99
  • Metallic Blue - $129.99
  • Silver - $129.99
  • Deep Magenta (Pink) - $129.99



    Drum Machines


    World Percussion and Hand Percussion

    Latin Percussion Caribe Portable Conga Drum Latin Percussion Caribe Portable Conga Drum - $149.99
    This conga is 21" tall and has a 9" rawhide head. Due to its small size and convenient adjustable carry strap, this drum is great for taking on trips.
    Remo Festival Djembe Drum Remo Festival Djembe Drum - $97.99 - $179.99
    Although the Djembe originated in Africa, it has since spread throughout the world. Well made Djembes, such as Remo's Festival Djembe, are revered for the range of tones that one drum can produce. Striking a Djembe cleanly in the middle of the skin produces a wonderfully resonant deep bass sound, while striking it towards the edges produces a contrasting tone, similar to a bongo.
    Item Options
  • Large - $179.99
  • Medium - $143.99
  • Small - $97.99
    Wood Shell, Double Row 10" Tambourine Wood Shell, Double Row 10" Tambourine - $12.99
    Tambourines are great instruments for providing that extra bit of rhythm to propel a song forward, and easy for a vocalist to play while singing. And at such an inexpensive price, this 10" tambourine makes a great "stocking stuffer" present.
    Wood Guiro Wood Guiro - $27.99
    A necessity for Latin rhythms such as Merengue, the Guiro can be scraped for a brilliant rhythm effect or played like a shaker in all types of music. This wooden Guiro gives you a beautiful traditional look at an incredibly affordable price!
    Maracas w/ Large Wood Shell Maracas w/ Large Wood Shell - $27.99
    Simple enough to play that even the least musical people can join in on a jam, these Maracas are great to have lying around the house or the studio.
    Adam Jumbo Cowbell Adam Jumbo Cowbell - $29.99
    In the words of Christopher Walken, "I got a fever ... and the only prescription is more cowbell!"

    Drum Hardware and Accessories

    Groove Juice Cymbal & Hardware Cleaner Groove Juice Cymbal & Hardware Cleaner - $12.99
    Groove Juice Cleaner couldn't be easier: Spray on - wipe off, no rubbing, no buffing, and no polishing involved! Keep your cymbals and hardware looking and sounding great.
    SKB Cymbal Vault SKB Cymbal Vault - $139.99
    Pack your cymbals into one convenient, compact case with SKB's Cymbal Vault. Will hold seven or more cymbals, and comes with four pads to prevent cymbals from knocking into and damaging each other while on the go.
    SoundOff Drum Set Silencers - Standard Set SoundOff Drum Set Silencers - Standard Set - $103.99
    Do you drive your family crazy when you play late at night? Avoid unnecessary fights with SoundOff's Drum Set Silencers and play as late as you want. Comes with silencers for snare, bass, 3 toms, hi-hat and one cymbal.

    Drum Books and Videos

    Play Drums Today! Beginner's Pack Play Drums Today! Beginner's Pack - $19.95
    Play Drums Today is the ultimate self-teaching method. It offers quality instruction, terrific songs, and a professional-quality CD with 99 full-demo tracks and a DVD that demonstrates the concepts in the book. This drum series can be used by students who want to teach themselves or by teachers for private or group instruction. This package is a complete guide to the basics, covering: beats, songs, and fills; all musical styles; playing tips and techniques; music notation; and more.
    The Complete Book of Drum Fills The Complete Book of Drum Fills - $10.95
    If you're having trouble coming up with the perfect fill or solo for a song, then try out this book. The Complete Book of Drum Fills contains beat fill combinations from basic to advanced levels. It is a comprehensive learning guide with hundreds of fills and solo ideas.
    Funk & Hip-Hop Drumming Funk & Hip-Hop Drumming - $16.99
    Funk & Hip-Hop are all about that groovy, driving drum beat, and this book/CD pack will help you learn all the feels, grooves, fills and styles you need to know for funk and hip-hop drumming. Includes lessons on: feeling the downbeats;, syncopated backbeats;, in between straight and swing, feeling the upbeats, three ways to explore and play time, hip-hop shuffle, straight time, moving the sixteenths and more!
    1001 Drum Grooves 1001 Drum Grooves - $12.95
    Almost like an encyclopedia for drums, this book presents 1,001 drum set beats played in a variety of musical styles, past and present. It's ideal for beginners seeking a well-organized, easy-to-follow collection of drum grooves, as well as consummate professionals who want to bring their knowledge of various drum styles to new heights. Covers: rock and funk grooves, blues and jazz grooves, ethnic grooves, Afro-Cuban and Caribbean grooves, and much more.
    Rush - Legendary Licks for Drums (DVD) Rush - Legendary Licks for Drums (DVD) - $24.95
    Anyone who has picked up the drums in the past few decades has cited Neil Peart as a major influence. This DVD provides in-depth analysis of several Rush hits, and teaches you to play the grooves of the man who helped turn Rush into Prog-Rock legends. CD with backing tracks includes the songs Freewill, Limelight, New World Man, Red Barchetta, Spirit of Radio, Subdivisions, Tom Sawyer and YYZ.
    No Reading Required: Easy Rock Drum Beats (DVD) No Reading Required: Easy Rock Drum Beats (DVD) - $14.95
    Does trying to read a book while playing the drums really bog you down? Then pick up this DVD and don't worry about it! Easy Rock Drums Beats provides lessons on posture, breathing and holding the sticks, as well as the three essential systems: sticking, vocalizing and counting.
    Mike Portnoy - Liquid Drum Theater (DVD) Mike Portnoy - Liquid Drum Theater (DVD) - $29.99
    There is perhaps one man who can rival Neil Peart in the prog rock scene: Mike Portnoy. This hot new DVD documents Portnoy's innovative drum stylings in the highly acclaimed fusion/progressive metal music of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. Mike performs almost 20 songs/segments and breaks down parts from each, explains how to develop a toolbox of fills and patterns to draw from, and discusses playing in odd-time signatures, developing double bass technique, soloing and much more. Also features exclusive live and behind the scenes footage from both bands.
    Rhythmic Construction of Dance, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop (DVD) Rhythmic Construction of Dance, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop (DVD) - $19.95
    In this DVD, studio and touring musician Bashiri Johnson shows you the ropes when it comes to adding percussion to Dance, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop tunes. Drawing upon his many years of laying down tracks with Gloria Estefan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones, Bashiri shows you how to work in traditional and non-traditional hand percussion. Special feature allows you to mute Johnson's rhythm to try out some of your own.

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