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Godsmack is a Hard Rock/Post-Grunge band from Boston, Massachusetts.

Alice in Chains is believed to be the primary influence upon Godsmack; it is speculated that the band got their name from an Alice in Chains song of the same name (see below) and started off as a tribute band to Alice in Chains. In an interview with MTV upon the death of Alice in Chains lead singer Layne Staley, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna stated that Staley "was single-handedly the guy that got me to start singing." Other bands cited by Godsmack members as their primary influences typically include Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

There are generally two beliefs of how the band came up with its name. Originally, many believed Godsmack obtained their name from the Alice in Chains song God Smack from the album Dirt due to the band's heavy influence on Godsmack. Godsmack's vocalist, Sully Erna, would state otherwise in interviews since at least 1999 that: "It happened at rehearsal when our drummer came in with a big cold sore on his lip. I was making fun of him all day because we had a photo shoot coming up. And then the next day when I came in, I had a big cold sore on my lip. So my guitar player said, "See, God just smacked you for making fun of him.". However, many believe that this was part of Godsmack's attempt to distinguish themselves from the band that they have been compared to most frequently.

Since 2003, Godsmack has taken a pro-military stance, allowing the US Navy to use the songs "Sick of Life" and "Awake" for recruitment commercials. Additionally, the band uses military imagery in their concerts, as they did at a Tweeter Center concert where video footage of an Apache helicopter was used to start a set. Because of this, the band has received criticism for its support for the Navy, particularly due to their continued support after the controversial 2003 invasion of Iraq (which Sully Erna supported). In an interview with Arthur Magazine, Erna sympathised with the soldiers, though admitted that he knows very little about the military. He also stated his belief that the use of his music in Navy advertising does not influence people to join the Navy. Drummer Shannon Larkin has said in a recent interview: "If it came down to it though, I would think twice about endorsing the military, not because I don’t support my troops, but it’s because I’m not really educated enough in that area to be able to justify why I took X amount of money for a song to recruit kids to go and join the Armed Forces and go to war." Larkin was not in the band at the time the Navy endorsement was made.

Godsmack's songs "I Stand Alone" and "Straight Out of Line", were used as the theme songs for the 2004 Ubisoft game, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within: In Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, "I Stand Alone" plays without the lyrics when the Prince is being chased by the "Dahaka". It also appears when you are fighting, but not every single battle. Instead, in the boss fights, more traditional music plays. Straight Out of Line appears in the credits. Their song "Moon Baby" from their self-titled album appears in "Championship Motocross" for the Playstation. "Bring it On" appears in NFL Madden '06.

The song "I Stand Alone" appeared in the movie The Scorpion King. The song Straight Out of Line" appeared in the movie A Man Apart. The song "Why?" appeared in the movie "Any Given Sunday". The song "Bad Religion" was background music in "Playstation 2" "Quad Power Racing 2"

WWE Summerslam used "The Enemy" as one of the theme songs for the 2006 event. It will also feature on the soundtrack of PS2 game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007.

MTV's Fear used "Voodoo" as the theme song.

On May 25, 2006, Judas Priest (along with KISS, Queen and Def Leppard) was inducted into the "VH1 Rock Honors." Televised on May 31, their presentation was preceded by Godsmack performing a medley of the Priest classics Electric Eye, Victim of Changes and Hell Bent for Leather.
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