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Groove Tubes Debuts The Glory Comp at Winter NAMM

Feb 5, 2004

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New from Groove Tubes is the Glory Comp, an all-tube compressor designed for serious recording applications. The Glory Comp will be available through Groove Tubes Pro Audio retailers in Spring 2004, with retail price of $2,999 (USD).

"The Glory Comp was created with the same mindset we used for our ViPRE mic preamp, which was to spare no expense in creating the very best tube compressor ever made," says Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes founder and CEO. "In addition to its incredible sonic character, Glory Comp offers features that have never been found on compression devices at any price." The Groove Tubes Glory Comp is a true all-tube compressor, employing seven vacuum tubes to accomplish its dynamics processing. Its output tubes -- a pair of 6005s -- offer output power driving a custom wound and robust output transformer (the Glory Comp can actually drive a speaker all on its own). Glory Comp's fully differential and floating design includes dual isolated output taps on its proprietary output transformer so it can interface with both -10dBV and +4dBu signal levels without sacrificing signal quality or degrading noise specs. Compression ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 are available, as are standard Attack, Release and compression Threshold controls. In addition to release times from 10ms to 2 seconds, users can choose between logarithmic and linear release modes. Like the ViPRE, the Glory Comp implements several ceramic multi-decked switches (instead of less expensive potentiometers), allowing for easily repeatable settings. Also like the ViPRE, the Glory Comp provides a custom-built, backlit VU meter that can display in seven different modes.

The Glory Comp also features a built-in sidechain EQ with adjustable low and high frequency filters, using an internal or external sidechaining source selector. Completely unique to the Glory Comp is the Glory knob, which affects 2 nd -order harmonics. This innovative feature is perfect for bringing out a vocal or a solo instrument in a mix. The Glory knob's labeling allows adjustment between Earth (no effect) and Heaven (full effect).

For more information, visit their web site at www.groovetubes.com.
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