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Groove Tubes Introduces "The Brick" at AES

Oct 11, 2003

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Groove Tubes has introduced The Brick, a new tube preamp for live and studio vocals and instruments. The Brick will be available in December, with a suggested retail price of $499 (USD).

For recording studios, The Brick adds warmth and depth to all dynamic, condenser, or ribbon-type studio grade microphones, with up to +55dB of tube gain. It also accepts direct connection of instruments (electric or acoustic-electric guitar, electric bass, synth, etc.), amplifying and driving balanced and floating signals to mixers or recorders. The Brick may be used as a neutral D.I. without changing signal levels, or as a tube preamplifier that will connect directly into a +4 or -10 input. For live sound reinforcement, The Brick was designed for roadworthy performance. Its unique rugged steel package and special internal construction features were made to take the punishment of onstage use. Its three internal tubes and custom output transformer can drive a signal hundreds of feet with no loss. The Brick can be used for fattening the thin sound of onstage wireless vocal systems. For live instruments, The Brick adds clarity, punch, and tube warmth to acoustic guitars, while rounding out the boom of electric basses.

For more information, visit their web site at www.groovetubes.com.
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