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Hartke Introduces Acoustic Ribbon Guitar Amplifiers

Feb 3, 2006

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Hartke has taken its experience in building bass amplifiers and brought it to the field of acoustic guitar amplification with the introduction of the Hartke AC75 and AC150 Acoustic Ribbon amplifiers. A truly new approach to acoustic guitar amplification, the Acoustic Ribbon amplifiers feature a 2-inch by 4-inch ribbon tweeter which adds clarity and overtones to the high end. These are not your standard electric guitar amplifiers in a brown covering.

The AC75 utilizes a 75 watt bi-amp design, with 50 watts powering two 5-inch full range drivers and 25 watts powering the high frequency ribbon tweeter.

The AC150 incorporates a 150 watt tri-amp design, with 100 watts powering four 5-inch full range drivers arranged in stereo, 50 watts per side, and 50 watts powering the high frequency ribbon tweeter.

Designed in precision tuned Kickback™ enclosures, the new amplifiers feature 2-channel operation. Channel 1 has active and Piezo instrument inputs, with bass and treble controls, while channel 2 has XLR microphone and RCA line inputs. There is a 5-band graphic EQ and a built-in 100 preset 24-bit digital effects processor that can be routed to either channel.

To reduce feedback, there is a phase switch on channel 1 as well as a variable notch filter with depth control. On the rear panel of the amplifier there is an effects loop, and XLR direct outputs.

Perfect to go from the coffee house to the nightclub, these amplifiers naturally recreate the sound of the acoustic instruments without adding any unwanted coloration or distortion. Simply put the Hartke Acoustic Ribbon amplifiers sound just like your instrument, only louder.

The AC75 has an MSRP of $649.99 the AC150 is $779.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.hartke.com.
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