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Hartke Introduces Line of Bass Strings

Jan 29, 2004

Hartke has complimented their line-up of bass gear with the introduction of Hartke Bass Strings. The Hartke bass strings come in 12 configurations, including 4 and 5 string sets of XLIGHT, LIGHT, and MEDIUM, available in single and three packs. They are long scale, nickel wound, hex core strings, with color-coded beads for easy identification.
  • Hartke 4-String single sets, MAP: $9.95
  • Hartke 4-String 3-Packs, MAP: $19.95
  • Hartke 5-String single sets, MAP: $12.95
  • Hartke 5-String 3-Packs, MAP: $24.95

For more information, visit their web site at www.hartke.com.
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