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Historic Ryman Pews Make Beautiful Music

Aug 2, 2000

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This unique musical legacy has now been captured into a spectacular creation- The Ryman Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar. This limited-edition guitar has been crafted by Washburn International from a select number of original Ryman church pews. The pews were salvaged from the 1992 renovation of the Ryman by Gaylord Entertainment. The thin-line Acoustic Guitar is limited to only 243 handcrafted, numbered editions and carries an historical resonance that tributes the heritage of the past and the spirit of the future.

"There are many aspects of the Ryman Auditorium that are cherished," says Steve Buchanan, President of the Grand Ole Opry Group. "I believe that with the Ryman guitar we are tying together two of the most storied: the rich musical heritage and the simple, yet beautiful oak pews. This is an incredible way for someone to now and forever share in the Ryman legacy,

The limited edition guitar was unveiled today at a Ryman Auditorium reception. The reception featured representatives from Washburn International and Gaylord Entertainment as well as members of the Grand Ole Opry. The reception coincided with the International Music Product Association's annual Summer Session in Nashville.

Washburn International, based in Chicago, has been a leading manufacturer in the guitar industry since 1883. With a history of infusing the radical with the traditional, Washburn was the perfect choice to partner with the Ryman Auditorium on this unique project. The guitars were tooled in its prestigious Custom Shop using only the highest quality materials and hardware to compliment the Ryman wood.

"The chance to work with these materials is a real thrill," said Larry English, Vice President of Manufacturing and Marketing at Washburn. "It's not often that you get the chance to create a new instrument with the inherent tone of a vintage one, but it has happened here."

Each guitar is handcrafted and unique from the Ryman's oak pews. As musical instruments they project more than sound - they carry an historical resonance that tributes the heritage of the past and the spirit of the future. To enhance the legacy of the project, each guitar will be shipped to customers with century-old nails removed from the original Ryman pew that became each guitar.

The Ryman Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar is available for purchase while supplies last. For additional information or to place an order, please call 615-742-0105.

Progressive Partners, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee are coordinating production management and sales of the Ryman Guitar. Progressive Partners specializes in developing unique entertainment and sports partnerships.

The Ryman Auditorium is part of the Grand Ole Opry Group, which includes the legendary Grand Ole Opry, the historic Ryman Auditorium, the Wildhorse Saloons in Nashville and Orlando, the BellSouth Acuff Theatre and Opryland Productions. The Grand Ole Opry Group is part of Gaylord Entertainment Company. For information on events and productions at the Ryman Auditorium, please visit us on-line at www.ryman.com or call 615-254-1445.


Mother-of-pearl inlays of "The Ryman" and a rosette bound in 18kt. Gold wire inspired by carving on original Ryman pews.

Truss Rod cover
Ryman window shape inspired by carving on original Ryman pews.

Inlayed mother-of-pearl "dot" fret markers, with an "l897" 12th fret, honoring die year the Union Gospel Tabernacle was built.

Pin Bridge
Rosewood, with Mother of Pearl Rosette inlays. The Rosettes are placed on the sides of the Pin Bridge. The bridge pins are Rosewood with Mother of Pearl dots.

Grover brand, vintage style tuners in gold-plated finish.

Pick up
Features a passive Fishman "hot wired" transducer, saddle slat, acoustic piezo pick up. The pick up is hard wired direct to the 1/4 inch input jack centered on the bottom of the guitar.

Hand rubbed oil finish.

Sound Role Tag
Oval shape, Parchment type paper, featuring an image of the Ryman Auditorium. Serial # space, Row A, Seat 1. "Made exclusively for Me Ryman by Washburn International"

Serial Numbering
Will be designated by "Row" & "Seat"
Seat: An 18kt. Gold plated oval will be mounted on the top rim of the body approximately 3" from where the neck joins the body. The oval will feature an engraved seat number. The oval will be secured by two (2) small set screws.
Row: The 'Row" in block font, will be embossed into the back of the Headstock i.e. Row A.

Rectangle shape hard-shell covered in a brown "Country & Western" motif. The case will include: One (1) package of private label guitar strings, Three (3) guitar pick; with "The Ryman" embossed in gold on tortoise shell stock, brown leather guitar strap with The Ryman building embossed in gold and a book on the history of the legendary Ryman Auditorium (provided by The Ryman) & a certificate of Authenticity.

For more information, visit their web sites at www.ryman.com and www.washburn.com.
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