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IQ for Windows Software Reaches Version 5.0

Sep 29, 2001

Crown Audio announces the availability of its powerful IQ for Windows software version 5.0. Like the previous IQ for Windows version 4.1, the new software application, which is designed for configuring, controlling and monitoring Crown IQ Systems, is available for free download at www.iqaudiosystems.com.

Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000/Professional and NT 4.+, version 5.0 features a number of enhancements that make it even easier to use. IQ System integrators now have an even greater number of graphical tools with which to design customized work surfaces for operators, as well as the ability to create direct user controls free of confusing program elements. Fully indexed help screens are available to informatively guide users through system setup, and no programming language experience or training is required to quickly be up and running.

New features in version 5.0 include:
  • More user-definable options - easier to customize
  • Now able to re-address units and user controls - no longer do new controls have to be created for every unit
  • New error reporting window - new logging style window
  • Added password protection on every user control panel now available
  • MIDI Time Code Scheduler - enables users to trigger Dataframes and scenes from MIDI time code (external generator required)
  • New USP2 listen bus manager
  • Additional user control panel features allow even more attractive user control pages to be generated
  • Includes control and monitoring capabilities for the new IQ-PIP-USP2/CN CobraNet-compatible amplifier DSP module
IQ for Windows v5.0 is a 32-bit Windows application for operating an IQ System combining the friendly look and feel of Windows with the power of IQ. In addition to control and monitoring of IQ components in a Windows environment, it also offers TCP/IP network support and numerous other capabilities.

IQ System hardware available can perform amplifier control and monitoring, digital signal processing (DSP), automatic mixing, routing, ambient noise system level control, and system and load monitoring. IQ for Windows software running on a host PC allows control and monitoring of an entire system from a central location.

For more information, visit their web site at www.crownaudio.com.
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