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J-Clamp Allows Mounting of Radial DIs

Oct 8, 2005

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Radial Engineering has introduced the J-clamp, a simple steel housing bracket that allows any of the Radial J-series direct boxes, isolation units, mic splitters and reamping units to be permanently mounted in locations such as in podiums, under board room tables and inside amplifier and effect racks.

Made from 14 gauge steel, the J-clamp is made tough to handle the abuse of touring. The top is screened with user-writable tabs that are designed for wax pencil or can be more permanently designated with an indelible marker.

Installing it is easy. One simply unscrews the book-end outer shell from the desired Radial interface and slides the J-clamp over in place. The same 4 screws are used to secure the unit. The J-clamp features extended wings that are pre-drilled to allow quick installation on any flat surface.

Retail price is $30 USD.

For more information, visit their web site at www.radialeng.com .
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