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Jeff Lorber Soloist Series for Band-in-a-Box Released

Dec 21, 2003

PG Music has announced the Artist Soloist Series for use with its popular Band-in-a-Box intelligent music accompaniment software. Grammy nominated keyboard/guitarist and producer Jeff Lorber, voted Keyboard Magazine's "Session Player of the Year," is the featured artist on two of these new Soloist Sets - The Jeff Lorber Fusion Soloist and The Jeff Lorber Screaming Rock Guitar/Synth Soloist.

In The Jeff Lorber Fusion Soloist, Jeff has created dynamic Fusion/Swing-16ths grooves to solo over any chord changes in Band-in-a-Box. Included in the set are five soloist databases for medium and fast tempo Swing 16ths soloing, each employing the entire range of the keyboard. Selected instruments for the Jeff Lorber Fusion Soloist include Rhodes electric piano, acoustic piano, and organ, with a specialty Soloist database for Fusion quartet soloing.

The Jeff Lorber Screaming Rock Guitar/Synth Soloist can create Rock 'n' Roll Band-in-a-Box solos for any chord changes the user enters. This Soloist Set includes four even 16ths feel soloing databases for slow to medium Rock tempos and feature distorted Rock guitar and Saw Wave Lead instrument patches which both handle guitar-like bends and vibrato very well. The user can choose any patch for the soloing instrument. The soloist databases in the Artist Soloist Series are created and designed by the performers themselves. They work like any other Soloist Set for Band-in-a-Box. The solos can be looped, slowed down, transposed, printed and saved. The user can harmonize any solo, choose the soloing instrument and even choose a soloist mode with a trade fours option to perform "call and response" exercises with a top studio musician.

Also available in the Artist Soloist Series are The Andy LaVerne Mainstream Jazz Soloist and The Andy LaVerne Pentatonics Jazz Soloist. For only $29 per set, customers can download any of the new sets in the Artist Soloist Series immediately from www.pgmusic.com or order via mail, phone, fax or e-mail directly from PG Music Inc.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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