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Jensen Speakers Release the Jet 10" Tornado Speaker

Jul 16, 2009

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Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Jensen Jet series, the 10" Tornado, sister to the 12" Tornado, a modern speaker offering defined and eloquent tone. Who says great things don't come in small packages? The 10" Tornado packs as much punch as the 12" with each tight and well-defined note. The Tornado produces crystal clear, clean tones while still maintaining cream-like warmth. The 10" Jensen Tornado generates a 100-watt whirlwind of power using a neodymium magnet. The advantage of neodymium is its light weight (half the weight of ceramic speaker magnets) and a more natural reaction to a player's style than ceramic magnet speakers. The Jet series speakers are designed to fill the gap in the current speaker market. The 10" Tornado was requested by musicians so that players can achieve the same power and tone in a 10" speaker as they enjoy with its 12" Tornado brother.
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