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Learning The Neck

by Jason Bailey
By learning these notes you will always have a jumping off point. Just remember that one fret above is sharp(except in the case of B and E where the notes are C and F respectively)and one fret below is flat(except in the case of C and F where the notes are B and E respectively). There are two things to note here, 1, The notes I have set up to memorize are usually accompanied on the side of the neck by a dot and 2, at the twelth fret the neck starts over meaning that open E and 12th fret E are the same note one octave apart. This is also true for the other three strings. I hope that this helps you to memorize your neck as that is (I have found) the best way to start. The notes are as follows reading from right to left: E A D G/ G C F A#(SHARP)/ A D G C/ B E A D/ C# F# B E/ E A D G
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