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Limited Edition Beta 58 Vocal Artist UHF from Shure

Sep 26, 2001

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Combining the Beta 58A and the affordability of the UT Series, Shure announced the immediate availability of The Beta 58 Vocal Artist UHF. This system, available for a limited time only effectively marries the performance of the supercardioid Beta 58A with the interference-free attributes of UT Series wireless technology.

Competitively priced for budget-conscious musicians in mind, The Beta Vocal Artist utilizes Shure's MARCAD diversity circuitry to optimize reception and virtually eliminate dropouts. The system offers a transmitter range of up to 100 meters and the ability to use up to eight systems simultaneously. In addition, a microphone which literally needs no introduction, the Beta 58A is known for its extended high frequency response and high output. Along with the release of this product, Shure is making available nine new UT wireless frequencies. The new frequencies will enable users to take advantage of operating up to eight systems at once.

The Beta 58A Vocal Artist UHF system has a suggested retail price of $762.50 (U.S.), and is currently available from Shure dealers in new eye-catching packaging.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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