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Lorie Line Biography

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Lorie Line is an American singer, songwriter and pianist.

Line started competing in music competitions when she was nine years old, and she saved enough prize money to buy her first car.

While in high school, Lorie realized that she could make a living from doing what she loved. She went on to earn a B.A. in music from the University of Minnesota. She also received a degree in piano performance. One of Lorie’s first jobs was in a department store, playing for the customers. It was here that Lorie got the opportunity to practice her own music and style. Within three years of making her first recording, she had sold more than a million dollars worth of CDs. This prompted Lorie to go on to record more CDs. She released her first CD in 1989, and since then, she has sold more than five million copies.

Lorie Line’s talents have given her numerous opportunities. She developed an independent label called Lorie Line Music. This label gives Line the opportunity to make her music and shows what she wants them to be. She runs this company with her husband of 19 years. Through her company, Line performs, publishes, and produces her CDs. For each of her tours, she brings along one of her concert grand pianos and a massive ballroom-sized crystal chandelier that hangs over the piano when she plays.

Currently, Line lives in Minnesota with her husband and her two children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She continues to write music and tour.
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