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Luna History

Meet Yvonne de Villiers, the accomplished stained-glass artist who envisioned Luna Guitars. Yvonne's inspiration for a line of guitars designed to maximize playing comfort came from her mother, Hilda Williers, an electric bass player for more than 40 years.

For years, Yvonne watched her pioneering mom perform with a succession of popular rock groups. In fact, Hilda - now in her 8th decade - still plays the occasional gig. As her mom's #1 fan, Yvonne couldn't help but notice the physical struggle that petite Hilda went through each time she'd strap on a heavy electric bass and take the stage to play the music she loves.

Hilda Williers - 1972 There must be other musicians like her mother, Yvonne reasoned. Players who'd welcome a guitar uniquely tailored to fit their bodies, their hands, and their musical styles. With them in mind, Yvonne created Luna Guitars - a line of comfortable instruments made for musicians of all ages and crafted with a luminous visual beauty to engage minds and spirits along with talent.

Her 25-year career in creating and producing award-winning architectural stained glass - she calls it "sculpting light" - enabled Yvonne to hone the fine artistic skills needed to envision and bring to life the exquisitely delicate inlaid designs and unique ornamentation that make Luna Guitars so visually stunning.

With the eye of the consummate artist, Yvonne applied the same passionate color palette and intricate eye for detail that graced her glasswork to her groundbreaking line of guitars, and Luna Guitars was birthed.
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