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Daily Scales -Major, 1 Octave

by Laurence Mollerup
Here are all the Major Scales for daily practice in one octave.

We'll start with "C" major and progress through the cycle of fourths. (The cycle of fourths is a way of moving through every key signature.) If you play the first four notes of a "C" major scale you'll play C D E F - That means "F" is a perfect fourth above "C", so the next scale is "F" major. After "F" major, we'll play "Bb" major, because starting at "F" we have the notes F G A Bb. So "Bb" is the next scale in the cycle of fourths.

The whole Cycle of fourths is: C F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb B E A D G

Enjoy these scales, and try them a little faster every day. Make sure you can name every note before you play it, and work on a few different fingerings for each scale.

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