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Make Your Own Custom Length Cables with the Cable Station

Jan 21, 2005

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Planet Waves announced a new custom cable system, the Cable Station, which makes it easy to create your own custom length cables - no soldering required.

Comprised of bulk cable boxes, packaged plugs, cable ties, and cable cutters, the Cable Station is a self-serve system that allows musicians to make their own custom-length instrument or RCA cables without the mess and hassle of soldering. The cables are made by pushing the plugs firmly onto the cable and tightening a screw on the side of the plug. The cable is marked every foot for precise measuring, and with a variety of plug styles, the options are limitless: mix and match instrument and RCA in-line and right-angle plugs at custom lengths.

The new combination wall/countertop display with full-color signage is also now available and bears illustrations demonstrating how simple the Cable Station is to use, helping to self-sell the product. The Cable Station is available as individual plugs and cable or in a prepackaged assortment. "The Cable Station is the answer for anyone who wants to make custom-length cables, whether it be for a guitar rig, keyboard station, DJ rack, or even home theater system," states Planet Waves Brand Manager Michael Bradley. ."

Cable Station plug styles include: straight 1/4" in regular and thin profiles; right-angle 1/4" ; straight and right-angle Circuit Breaker plugs; RCA; and 1/4" plugs with narrow bore (for use with RCA cables). Bulk 250-foot cable spools are available in coaxial instrument cable, single RCA cable, and dual RCA cable.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planetwaves.com.
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