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More Muted Slap And Pop Example 1

by Mark Heath
This lesson will establish a pattern that we will use later. Let's get comfortable with this first. Play the first note as an open E by slapping with your thumb. The second note will be a Left-Hand Slap across the strings, producing that muted clicking sound. The third note will be a "pop" or "pull" of the D string while your left hand remains (muting) the four strings. The fourth note will be an open E slap like the first note. Continue with this pattern to the second measure. The first note of this measure will now be the Left-Hand Slap (as beat 2 was in the first measure), the second note will now be the "Muted Pop" or "pull" of the D string, the third note will be the open E slap, and the fourth will be the Left-hand Muted Slap. The pattern to establish is Open string slap, Left-Hand Muted Slap, Muted Pop, Open string slap, LH Muted Slap, Muted Pop, Open Slap, LH Muted Slap, Muted Pop and so on. By playing this pattern we will se how the Open string Slap will move to a different downbeat within the measure creating the ever popular "Forward Motion" Technique. Play it slow and get familiar with the pattern using quarter notes. The next lesson will involve eighth note and we'll see how the pattern starts to "cook". Play it with a drimmer sometime, and see how the two of you start to groove.
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