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New 12AX7M and 6CA7 GE Tubes from Groove Tubes

Feb 5, 2004

Groove Tubes is adding two newly created vacuum tubes to its line, according to Groove Tubes founder and CEO Aspen Pittman. The 12AX7M and 6CA7GE will be available from Groove Tubes dealers early this Spring.

"The new GT12AX7M is an exact reissue of the original Mullard 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode preamp tube, the ultimate vintage 12AX7 by which all others are judged," says Pittman. "The GT6CA7GE is the classic American-style EL34 tube made in the exact likeness of the famed General Electric 6CA7 tube of the 60's. This was the tube we sold to Eddie Van Halen for his Marshalls used on the first two Van Halen albums." The Groove Tubes 12AX7M is a dual-triode vacuum tube based on the highly sought after Mullard 12AX7, which went out of production in the late 60's. Its unique triple mica design reduces tube hum and microphonics, and gives performance stability under the most demanding conditions, such as high gain tube guitar amps sitting on 4x12 cabs. This tube delivers harmonically complex tone and midrange warmth. It is also the only 12AX7 type tube on the market today that meets (or exceeds) 100% of the critical performance specs of a textbook 12AX7 such as transconductance (1600 mU) and current (1.2mA), according to the company. The new 12AX7M is a choice as a replacement tube for any amplifier design using a 12AX7, ECC83, or 7025 preamp tube.

The Groove Tubes 6CA7GE is a USA-style power pentode tube with similar specifications to the European style EL34 tube. However, the 6CA7 differs in design from the common EL34 types by the use of an active beam-forming electrode similar to that of the 6L6 and 6550. Groove Tubes purchased the actual GE production formulas, along with many of the original General Electric machines and vintage Plate materials via the closing of the GE tube factory several years ago. Using these original machines, the original components and their "secret processing recipe", GT was able to reproduce the classic GE power tube. Pittman says, "The 6CA7GE will appeal to players using Marshall EL34-style amps (and the many Marshall impersonators), providing a whole new sonic signature option that will certainly please a wide range of musical playing styles. If I had to simplify the description, the GT6CA7GE is somewhere between a Mullard EL34 and a GE 6L6...more 'chest' and certainly more power than any EL34 tube. Plus, they are directly interchangeable in all EL34 circuits (with proper rebiasing, as always)."

For more information, visit their web site at www.groovetubes.com.
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