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New Accesssories for Shure PSM, Wireless, and Mixing Systems

Oct 14, 2003

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Designed to help users get the most out of their Shure gear, a new series of accessories for Shure personal monitor systems, wireless microphones, and mixers are now available and shipping. The new accessories include a battery eliminator, kits for adding ambience to your PSM mix, storage and mounting devices, and various splitter cables, all created to help users customize their gear for their unique set-ups.

AP200 Series Ambient Packs

Created for use with both wired and wireless PSM 200 personal monitors, the AP200 Series Ambient Packs allow users to stay connected to the audience and their bandmates without compromising the isolation needed to keep onstage noise at bay. The kits employ a small lavalier microphone that connects directly to a user s PSM bodypack to introduce ambient sound into the mix. Model AP200K ($138 MSRP) is intended for use with Shure's P2R hybrid bodypack receiver when used in wireless mode while the AP201K ($158 MSRP) is made for the P2R receiver when switched to wired or hybrid wired/wireless mode.

PS9 Battery Eliminator

The PS9 Battery Eliminator ($70 MSRP) is the perfect accessory for those who are tired of replacing 9V batteries. With a connection permitting the use of a Shure PS40 AC adaptor, the PS9 allows you to plug in when you don t require mobility. The simple and effective device powers P2R, P4R, P4HW, T1, T1G, LX1, UT1, ULX1, and MX1BP bodypack receivers and transmitters. PA Series Splitter Cables

Shure's PA Series Splitter Cables take signals from an instrument and send them simultaneously to both a P2R receiver and a wireless transmitter. By using an in-line preamp provided with each of three models, users can adjust levels in their own personal mix without the aid of a monitor engineer. Model PA213 ($50 MSRP) connects instruments with 1/4-inch connectors to a T1G bodypack, model PA214 ($60 MSRP) connects instruments with 1/4-inch connectors to all other Shure bodypack transmitters, and model PA215 ($66 MSRP) connects lavalier, headset, or instrument microphones compatible with all Shure bodypack transmitters except the T1G.

Rack Hardware

Eliminating the need for a standard 19-inch rackmount, the WA593 ($50 MSRP) half-rack stack pack marries two Shure half-rack units into a single, portable unit. It is compatible with the P2T, P4T, P4M, ULXS4, ULXP4, SCM268, SCM262, DFR11EQ, and DP11EQ. The second of two new rack accessories to be offered, the WA596 half-rack stand adaptor lets users stand-mount up to two Shure half-rack devices. Perfect for use with any mic stand, as well as many instrument stands, the WA596 ($98 MSRP) can be used with P2T, P4T, P4M, ULXS4, ULXP4, SCM262, SCM268, DFR11EQ, and DP11EQ devices.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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