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New AudioChoice Line Debuted

Sep 9, 2000

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SoundTech Pro Audio, a division of Washburn International, is introducing a new line of affordable pro audio gear under the name AudioChoice. The AudioChoice line will be focused toward the entry-level consumer and will feature lower priced speaker and package systems with an emphasis on ease-of-use and portability. "With the rapid advances in audio technology in recent years, sound systems have become very advanced," says Rudy Schlacher, CEO of Washburn International. "We understand that, for some users, these advancements and features can be intimidating, confusing and unnecessary for many applications. AudioChoice was created with that particular consumer in mind. It is a way to deliver a quality system at an affordable price by including only the features needed by the entry-level user."

The AudioChoice line was debuted with the release of the C100 Sound System, which features a full speaker and mixer system in one package. This system includes a four channel powered mixer, two 10" two-way speaker cabinets and a dynamic microphone. The mixer is rated at 100 watts @ 4 Ohms, has four 1/4" and four XLR/mic inputs, as well as a three band EQ and a reverb function. The speaker cabinets feature a 10" woofer with a solid state tweeter all housed in a sturdy, resonant cabinet. Aside from the dynamic microphone, the C100 package also includes a mic cable and two speaker cables so you can use the system right out of the box. The C100 retails for $399.90. SoundTech, the parent company of AudioChoice, has built a reputation of excellence in the pro audio world with its unique line of everything from 32-channel mixers to self-contained P.A. systems. With such a wide-ranging product line, SoundTech has been successful not only in clubs and theatres, but also in offices, churches and schools. Through consistent performance in a variety of situations, the company has gained a reputation for reliability. All AudioChoice products will go through the same rigorous quality-checking as the other SoundTech products, so consumers can be sure they are getting a system worthy of the name SoundTech.

For more information, visit their web site at www.soundtech.com.
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