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New B8 Rock Cymbal Set for Hard Hitters

Jul 23, 2004

To meet the growing demand for tougher cymbals from its younger customers, Sabian has introduced the B8 Rock Set. Comprised of heavyweight cymbals designed for hard-hitting players and today's loud music, these Rock models are crafted from pure B8 bronze. This metal has been rolled out to a thickness that will withstand hard and heavy playing. A bright sheen and strong lathe lines give these cymbals a modern, professional look. Like all Sabian cymbal sets, the B8 Rock Set has been 'Sonically Matched' for optimum performance compatibility by the specialists in the Sabian Vault.

B8 cymbals are made from pure B8 bronze, an alloy consisting of 92% copper and 8% tin. Each cymbal is precision crafted before being hand finished, then aged and tested in the Sabian Vault. Cymbal weights have been determined through extensive testing that ensures the correct thickness to ensure the combined double-hit of durability and volume. B8 cymbals are protected by the Sabian One-Year Warranty.

  • 14" Rock Hats
  • 16" Rock Crash
  • 18" Rock Crash
  • 20" Rock Ride

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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