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New Bass Books from Berklee Press

Jun 22, 2000

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Berkleepress.com is undergoing some major expansion with a series of new bass books. Master rock, jazz, funk, fusion, reggae, country, and every other style you can think of are covered with this new lineup.

Bass Improvisation

This book/CD pack is designed to help players master the art of improvisation. The CD includes over 50 tracks for demonstration and play-along. The book works with electric or acoustic bass.

Chord Studies For Electric Bass

This Berklee Workshop is a resource for bass players who have progressed beyond beginning methods and are now looking for a comprehensive knowledge of all basic and extended chords. Featuring exercises in developing technique and melodic sense in an out of the upper register, this book retains the traditional "foundation" role of the bassist with the added demands of contemporary music styles. Playing faster, higher, and more melodically are some of the requirements of the modern bass player. Knowledge, confort, sound quality, and experimentation are the guiding principles throughout the study.

Dictionary of Bass Grooves

Learn the essential bass lines for 34 different musical styles, along with the history of each one! Features CD with 34 full-band demo tracks.

Funk Bass

For beginning through advanced bass players, this book illustrates techniques for playing funk and slap-style bass! Also includes photos and special section of equipment and effects, along with a 58-minute CD accompaniment!

Lost Art of Country Bass

Learn classic and modern country bass lines, with an insider's look at country bass playing both on stage and in the studio. The CD includes 35 songs with full band backing.

Reggae Bass

The complete guide to reggae and Jamaican bass styles, covering a range of styles as they developed over time. Features 47 full-demo tracks on CD, with tons of performance tips and lessons in the book.

Rock Bass

Learn essential rock grooves and bass in lines in the styles of legendary bassists from the 1950s through the 90s. Discover the techniques and history behind the genres, and enhance your experience with 99 full-demo tracks and 131 music examples on CD!

Reading Contemporary Electric Bass

From playing fast funk vamps to long, low, sustained notes behind a singer, this Berklee Workshop will expand your playing, reading, and composing skills in a variety of music styles. The rhythms and bass lines presented are excellent for developing sight-reading skills and technical proficiency. Includes comprehensive exercises and performance studies in funk, rock, disco, jazz, fusion, Top 40, soft rock, and country western styles.

For more information, visit their web site at www.berkleepress.com.
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