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New Bass Drum Products from Evans

Jan 24, 2001

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Evans drumheads introduced three new products for bass drums: the Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping (EMAD) System, the EQ Resonance Gate System (EQRGS) Pad and the AF Bass Drum Patch.

The EMAD System is perhaps the most radical of the three. The first externally mounted damping system ever, the EMAD comes with two dampening rings, each of which affects the head’s sound and pedal response. This external system not only maximizes natural attack characteristics and offers tremendous dynamic range, even at low dynamic levels where other damping systems fall short. It also allows quick, easy adjustments – without having to remove the head from the drum. This unique feature is extremely valuable, especially during recording sessions.

The EQRGS Pad is an hourglass-shaped muffling pad that eliminates the need for multiple pads to create different damping effects. Whereas Evans’ current EQ Pad has a single, hinged muffling pillow on one side, the new EQRGS has a second, smaller muffling pillow on the other side for use with smaller diameter drums. A unique plastic gate attaches to the top of the pad, and can be adjusted to control the length of resonance or sustain of a head. The closer the gate is to the damping pad, the shorter the sustain. The AF Patch is the most rugged bass drum patch now available. Made of Aramid Fiber, the material commonly found in bullet-proof vests, the patch stays on the head permanently with a high-tech adhesive. The AF Patch not only provides unsurpassed durability, it also emphasizes attack characteristics. While the center of the patch is solid for maximum durability, four radial slits along the perimeter allow the head to vibrate naturally, a concept taken from the success of Evans Power Center snare heads and Tri-Center conga heads.

"These new bass products are a very big deal," says Evans Brand Manager Michael Robinson. "Many drummers will use them all together, but each can be used separately with fantastic results as well. They offer drummers a brand new way to damp their bass drum, increase attack and the variety of sounds and styles that can be produced is nearly limitless. These are the kind of products drummers will look back on years from now and think, ‘What did we do without them?’"

For more information, visit their web site at www.evansdrumheads.com.
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